Vegetation Control: Chemical and Mechanical

Veg-Tek Agri Inc. offers a complete range of services designed to provide optimal management of vegetation for your Right-of-Ways, Industrial /Commercial properties and Municipal Drainage. Our services include:

  • Weed and Brush Spraying (Land and Drainage)
  • Wet-Blade Mowing
  • ROW / Guide Rail Spraying - Public Works (IPM Accredited)
  • Municipal Invasive Weed Control Programs
  • Land Clearing and Excavator Raking
  • GPS Controlled Fence Row/Treeline Trimming
  • Wind Farm / Utility Site Control
  • Bare Ground Control
  • Sight line Clearing

Weed and Brush Spraying (Chemical Control)

Spraying is one of the most practical vegetation-management options available. It is also one of the safest due to our careful selection and application of the herbicide. When appropriate, spraying offers a wide variety of benefits, the major ones being:

  • Low cost, as conventional mowing can cost up to 400% more.
  • Highly effective because of our certified and trained crews, proper equipment and the appropriate choice of herbicide target the specific infestations.
  • Long lasting control, with some treatments lasting more than the first year of application.
  • Targetted programs control the specific weeds allowing other desired vegetation to flourish.
  • Eliminate invasive species before they can get a foothold on the property.
  • Eliminates fire hazards, or food sources for pests.
  • Improves the site appearance and reduces movement of weed seeds onto adjacent properties.

Wet-Blade Mowing: (Mechanical Control)

The Eco-Blade is a unique piece of equipment which uses revolutionary “Wet Blade” technology to simultaneously slash and apply herbicide to weeds or brush in a single pass.
Herbicide is applied directly to the blades, and is immediately drawn into the root system of the plant as its being slashed, meaning the plant has no chance to heal the stem before the herbicide is absorbed.

  • This precision technology results in a significant reduction in the amount of chemical needed as well as reducing the chances of spray drift, overspray, and chemicals leeching into the ground.
  • The Eco Blade is the machine of choice for sensitive areas such as embankments, roadsides, drainage lines, and areas of Cultural or environmental significance.
  • Veg-Tek's Eco Blades are attached on telescopic booms, allowing for greater access for hard to reach areas such as densely treed areas, slopes and where target species are close to existing infrastructure.
  • The Eco Blade can be used for the precision treatments of a wide range of weeds, from grasses and shrubs, to a selection of woody species.